Monday, 1 October 2012

Don’ts after Eating.

We eat for body nourishment but sometimes if we are ignorant about what to do next after eating then we may experience the opposite of our expectations.  As we grow we are taught quite a number of things while eating or after doing so but when you look at the recent scientific discoveries, you find many things we practice during eating times develop negative effect to the body and below are the list;

  •  Loosening of belt: In circumstances where you feel you’ve eaten too much and you are tempted to loosen your belt thinking that way there is comfort, you are mistaken because it causes the intestines to become twisted and blocked.   
  •  Immediate Sleeping: sleeping immediately after eating hinders proper digestion of food as a result gastric infection takes place in the body.
  •  Immediate Bathe:  usually bathing causes much blood flow towards body parts like the legs and the hands thus decrease in the quantity of blood around the stomach. This disorganizes and weakens the digestive system in the stomach. 
  •  Immediate eating of fruits: eating fruits alongside real food is not bad however it’s advisable to eat them either an hour or before since doing so immediately causes bloating of stomach with air. 
  •  Don’t walk: walking after eating does not make you live up to 99 years as many people say, except it has a negative impact on you in a way that it disables the digestive system from absorbing the nutrition from the food we take. 
  •  Don’t drink tea: tea and food if consumed together at the same time can result into the hardening of food as product of reaction between the acid in the tea and protein in the food thus causes digestion difficulties.